8.1. Drafting Resources


The CPAG Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook and Disability Rights UK handbook are in every welfare-benefits advice centre in the UK. They are updated yearly and contain the most comprehensive information on the social security system. The CPAG book in particular is cross-referenced to law, regulations, official guidance and court, Upper Tribunal and commissioners’ decisions, and has advice on common tactics for challenging decisions.


Rightsnet is a subscription-only website containing a searchable database of case law and a forum used by benefits advisers. Each case will have a high-quality summary and a link to the full judgment.

Lasa Guides

Lasa has provided helpful websites for ESA and PIP that list the activities, descriptors, definitions and a handful of pieces of case law in a visually appealing fashion. Good for quick reference.

Case Law Portals

Individual UT judgments for Jan 2016 – present are available from:
Judgments from 2015 and earlier are available from:

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