Pro bono volunteers act for the client on behalf of Z2K, not their original organisation, in the eyes of HMCTS. Z2K therefore remains as the listed representative on the case. This allows us to easily and directly converse with HMCTS regarding administrative matters (e.g. the booking of an interpreter) without needing to involve the volunteer representative, and to follow-up on the case after the hearing has concluded.

If you need to speak to HMCTS by telephone, you must state that you are from Z2K and give our address (10 Buckingham Palace Road, SW1W 0QP) in the security check. Please do not mention your firm, as this may confuse matters and cause a failure in the security check.

We therefore recommend finishing the submissions with the following:
“Jane Smith of Volunteer Firm
On Behalf of Z2K”

Z2K will continue to receive all correspondence regarding the case, which is scanned and forwarded to the volunteer as soon as possible (usually the same day).

Submissions can be sent to Z2K for review (to, after any internal review procedures have been followed. A member of the team will review the submissions as soon as possible.

Submissions and further medical evidence should be submitted to the Tribunal via their email address at least two weeks before the hearing date. Please mention in the email that you are volunteering for Z2K, and cc This will allow Z2K to have a copy of the final submissions, and a record of when they are sent through. If the cc is accidentally omitted, please send Z2K a copy of the submissions as soon as possible for our records.

Emails sent to should have a subject line of the following format, according to HMCTS guidance:

Subject: Mr R Brown SC***/**/*****

*contents of email*

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