Your contact at Z2K will be Lucy Isaac, the Tribunals Coordinator. She can be reached at or 0207 259 0801 (ext: 213) regarding administrative matters or queries about drafting submissions.

Shadowing requirements

Once you have attended a Z2K training workshop, you will be asked to shadow at least one tribunal hearing. We strongly encourage volunteers to attend Fox Court to shadow hearings, where the tribunal clerks will arrange appropriate hearings to shadow. Wherever possible, Lucy will provide shadowing opportunities with Z2K representatives, though these opportunities are more limited. You will be required to shadow at least one hearing before taking on a case.  

Drafting submissions

Once you have attended a training workshop, and have shadowed at least one hearing, you can let Z2K know of your availability to take a case. You will be assigned a client, and sent the appeal bundle and any other paperwork. From this date, you must then adhere to the following deadlines:

  • Contact the client within three working days
  • Meet the client within two weeks
  • Send Z2K a copy of your submissions within four weeks. 

Please note that in order to send Z2K your submissions within four weeks, you may have to give your submissions to your university supervisor for their review at an earlier date – you should manage your time according to the guidance you’ve been given. Z2K will review the submissions and return them to you with any comments or revisions within two weeks. After discussion and any further revisions, the final draft should be sent back to Z2K. We will submit the documents and any further evidence, copying you into the relevant email. 

If at any point you believe you may not be able to meet one of these deadlines, for any reason, please tell Z2K. If you are unable to continue with a case then tell as as early as possible so that we can find another representative and not disadvantage the client. However, please do not take the commitment to take a case lightly – once a case has been assigned, and especially once you have already interviewed the client, you should continue unless there are unforeseen, extenuating circumstances. 

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